Monday, October 26, 2015

Is Your Website in Need of Professional Help?

Most business owners realize that a powerful online presence can do wonders for their company, but many are unsure of when it is time to start looking for professional web design and SEO services. Here is a look at three signs that your website might be ready for an overhaul.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Finding the Right SEO Consultant

If you are going to market your company online, it is important that you do it right. Typically, this means that you will hand over your online marketing efforts to another individual who has a better understand of the subject. What should you look for when choosing an SEO consultant?

Monday, October 5, 2015

Minimalist Web Design for Maximum Results

It may seem ironic, but simple designs can do a lot in terms of impact. If you want to catch people’s attention, going for minimalist designs for your website can be very helpful. Minimalism can be achieved in website pages in several ways:

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Web Design in Atlanta: Responsiveness and Long Scrolling for Mobile

The popularity of mobile phones as the primary access of users to the Internet have created dramatic changes to consumer behavior online. Though Google doesn’t specifically mention any website setup as the best, the search engine giant does recommend the responsive web design for business websites in Atlanta or elsewhere. There’s also the recent trend of long scrolling or infinite scrolling in a single page rather than navigating through several pages. Since mobile screens are generally smaller, web designers have to restrict the volume of information to fit into a compact screen size by either removing important details, scrolling, or forcing the content to shrink. Scrolling seems to be the most preferred and effective option among mobile users.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Website Audits Protect You from SEO Mistakes

Having your site audited by an SEO consultant may seem unnecessary, but this can actually help detect problems for you in terms of optimization. With the changing rules of online marketing, it can be easy to make mistakes. For example, search engines take into consideration backlinks when ranking a site in search results. If backlinks are irrelevant to the content of the primary site, the site scores poorly. An example of this would be a link on a dog-care forum leading back to a company that sells house paint. One of the common forms of bad SEO practices is creating these irrelevant backlinks to a website.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mobile Web Design and Smartphone Searches

According to Google, 94 percent of smartphone users look for information directly from their smartphone even when their desktop or laptop is accessible. Most smartphone users keep their device close within reach at all times and it has become far more convenient to grab your smartphone to look up information rather than have to wait for a laptop or desktop to boot up.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Successful SEO Starts with a Good Content Strategy

Major search engines, such as Google, reward sites that use search engine optimization (SEO) strategies properly, specifically by connecting the site content to search queries. Making sure to include branded key terms in website content is critical to how successful your website will be in terms of search engine rankings, which in turn affect how visible the website will be to your target audience.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Online Marketing Strategies Work Well Together

It's no secret that building a strong social media presence is a great way for Atlanta business owners to grow their companies. As noted by Eric Mills, "A strong social media presence for companies today is more important than ever. It keeps them in the loop of what customers are saying about their product. It also gives them a competitive edge that can be used to connect with customers and establish trusting relationships that help to drive growth." In recognizing these realities, SEO consultants can employ several strategies to build and optimize your social media presence. Some of them include: 

Friday, July 24, 2015

How SEO Can Help Your Small Business Grow

Atlanta small business owners who are passionate about their companies are always interested in finding effective growth strategies. If you're an entrepreneur who is ready to witness your company blossom like never before, it's important to know how an SEO consultant can help you. Here are some of the business-building services that such a professional can offer:

Saturday, July 11, 2015

How Web Design Affects Your Business

A business website needs to be more than just a place to find contact information, products, and services. Essentially, a site is your digital real estate, and thus it needs to be developed as you would your brick-and-mortar location. It needs to be sleek, attractive, and fast. While programming the site may affect these aspects, proper optimization practices can give your online appearance a proverbial face-lift.

Professionalism Counts

Too many business owners believe that a plain website loaded with advertisements is the way to make money. While this may have worked to some extent in the early 2000s, flashing banners and annoying pop-ups can create mistrust in today's digital world. Consumers are more likely to trust a company that presents itself professionally both online and off.

Mobile Accommodation

More than three-quarters of the people that search for a local business on the internet purchase something from those establishments. However, a site that isn't tailored for mobile devices will greatly affect that number. People like easy-to-use sites, and neglecting the needs of these users could affect the amount of business you conduct in the physical world as well as on the internet.

As technology continues to march on, a simple web design for your business may not be enough. It's safe to conclude that your competitors are doing everything possible to maximize their internet presence. Keep the organization competitive and invest in designs that promote local and online growth.

ABCD for Lifestyle Brands: The Steps You Can Take with an SEO Expert

Whether you’re in the fashion, home accessory, retail, food, or salon business, you may find that it gets more difficult to make your brand stand out online. However, even with a small business, you can create opportunities to get yourself recognized in the industry. A solid branding and online marketing strategy makes this possible.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Web Design Trend Guide: How to Use Minimalism to Get Maximum Results

It’s a classic statement in design, and a desired style in home interiors: Less is more. Minimalism entails using the least number of (or the simplest) elements but making a lasting, visually appealing impact. The versatility of this style extends to online marketing through minimalistic web design.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Leading Atlanta SEO Services for Security Firms—Getting Noticed Online

The peace and order situation in the country and elsewhere in the world has increased the need for more security awareness and the professionals that can make things happen. Part of that need is for security providers to better promote their services online through search engine optimization (SEO). Darlene Peer of said that being noticed by and interacting with prospective clients needs a positive spin to give them peace of mind by hiring your team. The demand for security, the security of assets and employees is not lost among Atlanta’s business operators - given that the city is one of the Southeast’s premiere business hubs. A joint ASIS International/Institute of Finance and Management study from 2013 noted security firms spending $282 billion in private services in 2012, with training and talent pool of operatives expected to increase for the next several years.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Quality Atlanta Web Design: A Key Factor in Attracting Teen Customers

Today’s teenagers use the Internet for various purposes in a way their parents or elder siblings only dreamt about at the onset of the computer era. For budding online entrepreneurs or businesses that target a young or adolescent audience, the time is ripe to improve their internet marketing strategies. Writing for Inspiration Feed, Eric Nacul said a website with various teen-centric elements helps bring in your ideal customers and keep them engaged with your business. Even Atlanta’s own youth community is part of the growing online commerce market. A 2012 study by MasterCard revealed that teenagers around the world have a combined purchasing power worth $819 billion—with North America’s 37 million teens accounting for $117.8 billion. A National Public Radio article even identified two Atlanta malls that reported fewer numbers of teen customers out and about, due to the rising popularity of online stores.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Importance of a Website Audit and Why You Need One

Audits can help you develop strategies to maximize the overall appearance and performance of your website. While your site may be viewable and functional, it doesn't mean that it's utilizing the most effective methods for programming or content. Depending on the type of website audit you choose to undergo, you can discover many different aspects of the site that may be getting in the way of your success.

Developing Your Website

Using software tools and knowledge, search engine optimization specialists scan and analyze a website to discover what can be done to improve its efficiency. Everything from the coding used to create pages to the use of words and images, there are many aspects of a site that can determine future success. Audits can deliver such information, thereby allowing the development team to make the necessary changes that can have a positive impact on the site.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Why Your Website Needs to Be Mobile-Responsive

According to surveys taken since 2008, mobile devices have grown to be the primary method of internet browsing. Whether it's to look up information regarding a company or to chat with friends and family, smartphones and tablets have surpassed desktop computers in online access.

What does this mean for a business website? It means that your design needs to be responsive to varying technologies and screen resolutions. Services from a skilled web design company can help you achieve the proper website formats.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Getting Ahead of the Competition: Atlanta SEO Services Can Help You

SEO (shorthand for Search Engine Optimization) is the key to making businesses more accessible to the extremely wide market today. Providers of Atlanta SEO services like All Web, LLC have helped countless websites get their desired search rankings. Such firms can also help your own page get greater exposure. Below is a list of just what SEO can do to help you get ahead of the competition.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Web Design in Atlanta: Eight Amazing Ideas You Can Use for Your Site

A good web design can easily keep your readers happy and excited to visit your page. Websites with unique, fresh, and new designs gain more repeat visitors. Here are some major trends in web design in Atlanta that you can expect this year. You may suggest to your web design provider to use it if you’ve yet to put up a website or planning to revamp the current one.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Amazing Web Design Ideas to Learn and Use

Websites that have unique designs are more likely to attract visitors than those plain-looking ones. This year, new web design trends are emerging early to let you use them on your site. You may suggest to your web design provider to use it if you’ve yet to put up a website or planning to revamp the current one:

HD Backgrounds – Large image backgrounds have been popping everywhere, but for this year, expect high-definition background pictures with a more 3D look to it, and a minimalist type of on-screen text that utilizes big and eye-catching fonts.

Long Pages – People are now more accustomed to using their mobile phones and tablets when surfing the web. This makes scrolling down much easier than clicking a connected link. Place all the info you need in one or two long pages, and avoid too much interlinking of pages.

Ghost Buttons – The addition of ghost buttons will be perfect for large image backgrounds, because they give the impression of another invisible layer on the page. With the right design, you can even accomplish a full 3D with it.

Text-Centered Layout – Also expect text to be compressed in the center of the page, giving the page a bordered look, but with a background that extends outside the border. This gives it a sophisticated appearance that makes readers keep their eyes on the text, but enjoy the background from the corner of their eyes. This will be very effective when creating a mobile-friendly version of your site.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Make Your Security Firm Visible Online

Heightened awareness of the need for security is creating a demand for security companies. This is an opportunity for security firms to promote themselves online. Here are some things an SEO company can assist you with:

Functional Website

A fully functional website populated with authoritative content is key to helping users get a better gauge of your services. Keywords are a vital part of the SEO front in the sense that they help a search engine rank a business or service based on what online users type into a search field. For a security company, this may depend on your target market’s preferred services, industry, and location. In the case of location, you may tap localization methods to zero in on potential clients within the area.

Keyword Targeting

A security firm must account for its personnel’s experience and proficiencies to accurately find the right clients. Some security personnel may specialize in close-in protection for VIPs while others may be more attuned to commercial facilities. An experienced SEO consultant can rework your content to properly target certain companies using specific keywords and location combinations.

Relevant Content

People in need of security services want to learn straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. You can take advantage of this by maintaining a blog, focusing on various issues in the security industry and discussing where your firm fits in. The objective is to show your clients you care for their safety without being too firm and taking on a humdrum tone.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

All Web, LLC is Celebrating the MompreNewHer!

It’s almost mother’s day and as a mother you have it all. A family, friends, a business, and love, but sometimes it can be overwhelming at times for you. 

Having it all isn’t easy for a ‘Mompreneur’, but you somehow manage to do it.  I mean, just look at the very definition of what a mompreneur is; a female business owner who is actively harmonizing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.  That is a lot to take on at once and so sometimes you may need a little help.

Look at social media for instance.  You already have a lot to do for your business, and having to keep up on your social media can just make life even more stressful.  Sure it’s just social media, but social media is very time consuming.  Not only do you have to keep up to date on all the sites your business uses like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., but you have to interact with all of your customers and potential customers.  They may have questions about your business or just may be commenting to just say a quick hello.  But it’s you as the business owner who has to be on top of it.  Here are a few ways to boost your social media presence:

·         Always get to know your customer.  What do they like to do?  What are their hobbies and passions?  What do they hate?  Basically get into their lives and then post and talk about what would interest them.  It does not always need to be about your product but about creating a relationship with them enough for them to trust you to buy your product when you do mention it. Get them to like you or your company and you will make sales.

·         Post on your sites every day.  You will stay on their radar.  And will more likely get engagement.  The more “likes” and “comments” you get the more your updates get seen.

·         Talk, talk, talk.  Most of us ladies are really great talkers.  I mean that is what makes social media so awesome in helping to market your business right?  Answer your customer’s comments, like comments, share other pages and people’s updates and get out there on other pages and profiles to comment also.  Just mingle online.

Whether you do your own social media or decide to hire someone to help you with it, remember that you are a Rock Star, and this Mothers’ Day will be the best one yet because you deserve it!... Oh, as a Mompreneur myself, I’d like to offer a tip for your social media management – the Atlanta SEO professionals at All Web, LLC (not a shameless plug, huh?)

 All Web, LLC Provides SMM

Friday, May 8, 2015

Commemorating Asian Pacific American Month

Year after year, May commemorates the many talents, works and lives of Asian Pacific Americans. Of course, only retiring from the military a few years ago, Service Members are still my passion. Therefore, I’d like to render a salute to the more than 300,000 Asian Pacific Americans who are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces.  From serving the nation in the military, serving their local communities in Project Open Hand ( to the artistic celebration of varied lives retold in the Hungry Ghosts Exhibition by the Asian American Women Artists Association – America and the World thanks you for your sacrifice and support!  

Thursday, April 30, 2015

All Web, LLC Specializes in Restaurant Marketing

Whether you have a Mexican restaurant or not, you can celebrate Cinco De Mayo by doing some promotions just for that day, and in America we probably celebrate it more than anyone. Any excuse to drink margaritas, right? Of course, but first off we may want to learn a little history to what Cinco De Mayo is all about.

 Well, in 1862, a group of outnumbered Mexicans fought in a battle against the French in Puebla and snatched a very unlikely but hard fought victory. Hence the celebration. 'Cinco' and 'Mayo' mean 'five' and 'May' (the month) respectively in the Spanish language and Cinco de Mayo hence translates into 'the fifth of May'. It is this event that has helped turn the holiday into a source of Mexican pride, especially among Mexican-Americans. This piece of history makes a great theme for marketing campaigns as a story of triumph and rising above the odds.

So what can you do as a restaurant owner to bring your customers in to help celebrate this special day? Start by inviting your customers to a Cinco De Mayo party by putting it out there on your Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc., or even flyers out to the locals. Even if your restaurant doesn’t normally serve Mexican food, you can still create a fun day (or weekend event) that will pack the customers into your place.

     • Have food specials! There are many different kinds of Mexican cuisine that you can make: enchiladas, tacos, burritos, and fajitas. Maybe pick one or two dishes that you can make quickly and easily to tie in with your promotion. Create a mini taco station or nacho station with some fixings like cheese, beans, and ground beef, or hand out complimentary chips and salsa. If you have an outdoor area, consider setting up some food tents that carry different Mexican specialties, and include some drink pairings, too.

     • Drink specials are a must! Add some Mexican beers to your bar for Cinco de Mayo, as well as some specialty margaritas (get creative!) and tequilas for drink specials.

     • Make it a party! Keep guests having a great time at your restaurant longer with live music. Have your servers wear something colorful, and add a few Mexican decorations to your restaurant to enhance the atmosphere. Get creative – have a special drawing to win prizes, do some giveaways, have games – whatever would add to the fun of the night!

Whatever you do just be creative, and most of all have fun with it and enjoy your day of celebration! And lastly, whether it’s a special celebration or just the desire to get the word out about your restaurant, drop the Atlanta SEO professionals at All Web, LLC a note for assistance.

We Can Help w/ Restaurant Marketing