Friday, July 24, 2015

How SEO Can Help Your Small Business Grow

Atlanta small business owners who are passionate about their companies are always interested in finding effective growth strategies. If you're an entrepreneur who is ready to witness your company blossom like never before, it's important to know how an SEO consultant can help you. Here are some of the business-building services that such a professional can offer:

Saturday, July 11, 2015

How Web Design Affects Your Business

A business website needs to be more than just a place to find contact information, products, and services. Essentially, a site is your digital real estate, and thus it needs to be developed as you would your brick-and-mortar location. It needs to be sleek, attractive, and fast. While programming the site may affect these aspects, proper optimization practices can give your online appearance a proverbial face-lift.

Professionalism Counts

Too many business owners believe that a plain website loaded with advertisements is the way to make money. While this may have worked to some extent in the early 2000s, flashing banners and annoying pop-ups can create mistrust in today's digital world. Consumers are more likely to trust a company that presents itself professionally both online and off.

Mobile Accommodation

More than three-quarters of the people that search for a local business on the internet purchase something from those establishments. However, a site that isn't tailored for mobile devices will greatly affect that number. People like easy-to-use sites, and neglecting the needs of these users could affect the amount of business you conduct in the physical world as well as on the internet.

As technology continues to march on, a simple web design for your business may not be enough. It's safe to conclude that your competitors are doing everything possible to maximize their internet presence. Keep the organization competitive and invest in designs that promote local and online growth.

ABCD for Lifestyle Brands: The Steps You Can Take with an SEO Expert

Whether you’re in the fashion, home accessory, retail, food, or salon business, you may find that it gets more difficult to make your brand stand out online. However, even with a small business, you can create opportunities to get yourself recognized in the industry. A solid branding and online marketing strategy makes this possible.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Web Design Trend Guide: How to Use Minimalism to Get Maximum Results

It’s a classic statement in design, and a desired style in home interiors: Less is more. Minimalism entails using the least number of (or the simplest) elements but making a lasting, visually appealing impact. The versatility of this style extends to online marketing through minimalistic web design.