Friday, May 22, 2015

Amazing Web Design Ideas to Learn and Use

Websites that have unique designs are more likely to attract visitors than those plain-looking ones. This year, new web design trends are emerging early to let you use them on your site. You may suggest to your web design provider to use it if you’ve yet to put up a website or planning to revamp the current one:

HD Backgrounds – Large image backgrounds have been popping everywhere, but for this year, expect high-definition background pictures with a more 3D look to it, and a minimalist type of on-screen text that utilizes big and eye-catching fonts.

Long Pages – People are now more accustomed to using their mobile phones and tablets when surfing the web. This makes scrolling down much easier than clicking a connected link. Place all the info you need in one or two long pages, and avoid too much interlinking of pages.

Ghost Buttons – The addition of ghost buttons will be perfect for large image backgrounds, because they give the impression of another invisible layer on the page. With the right design, you can even accomplish a full 3D with it.

Text-Centered Layout – Also expect text to be compressed in the center of the page, giving the page a bordered look, but with a background that extends outside the border. This gives it a sophisticated appearance that makes readers keep their eyes on the text, but enjoy the background from the corner of their eyes. This will be very effective when creating a mobile-friendly version of your site.

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