Saturday, January 31, 2015

Atlanta Web Design Company Offers Restaurants Mobile-Friendly Campaign

Any Atlanta web design and SEO service provider should always be updated in the latest trends of internet marketing. This is why we at All Web, LLC are always looking for new ways to make our clients more successful in their respective markets. We realize that the latest shifts in internet usage can have positive effects on your business, and thus we have come up with marketing materials specifically designed for our restaurateur clients. In the beginning of the year 2014, the industry was rocked when, for the first time in history; internet usage on mobile devices surpassed that of PC usage. Businesses then began to see the importance of optimizing websites for viewing on mobile devices. In line with this development, we now offer website design services that feature mobile-friendly campaigns for easier and more convenient access for prospective clients.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Atlanta SEO Services: Designing a Customer-Friendly Website for Restos

Aesthetics. If you offer delectable dishes, your website might as well reflect that. A good website features a smooth blend of aesthetic elements—not too loud yet not too bland. This is highly dependent on the use of font, color and space in such a way that a good contrast is provided to emphasize what has to be seen. Poor aesthetics make the website look messy, unprofessional or inconsiderate. Images and Videos. No matter what the quality is of the dishes you offer, your restaurant will still be judged on how you showcase your products through images and videos. Blurred photos, bad pixels, poorly shot service videos are therefore a major turn-off.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

All Web, LLC: Mobile Responsive Web Design for Atlanta Business a Must

In addition, several studies show that customers now expect websites to be optimized for mobile browsing. A year ago, it was predicted that usage of mobile internet will overtake desktop, recognizing the growing importance of a mobile responsive website for stronger marketing. Today, about 61% of users think of brands in a more positive way if these companies’ websites offer a positive mobile search experience; non-responsive websites usually leave a negative impression. A leading cause of this paradigm shift is that customers are naturally impatient. If they don’t get what they want in a matter of seconds, they tend to look for other options right away. Think of this scenario: an Atlanta-based customer browses a nearby restaurant’s online menu using his mobile, only to find poor quality images, illegible content, and pages that load quite slowly.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Reliable Atlanta SEO Services by AllWeb, LLC is Performance Guaranteed

Atlanta SEO services experts, All Web, LLC emphasizes that just having an eye candy of a site wouldn’t reap the benefits they are expecting. When consumers look for a particular product or service, they will go to the search engines for answers. Search engines, however, don’t rank based on how good-looking a website is; they prioritize search engine optimized sites. “Having a website is not enough. SEO means letting people and search engines know that your website exists,” says the company to remind business owners the primary purpose of website optimization. Surveys conducted show that SEO has the greatest growing importance in generating leads (94%)—beating social media, blogs and emails. It was also found that conversion rates in direct proportion to the level of SEO a business is engaged in. With more advanced SEO, conversion rates reach up to 10% as compared to basic, which only yields 2% increase.