Thursday, January 8, 2015

Reliable Atlanta SEO Services by AllWeb, LLC is Performance Guaranteed

Atlanta SEO services experts, All Web, LLC emphasizes that just having an eye candy of a site wouldn’t reap the benefits they are expecting. When consumers look for a particular product or service, they will go to the search engines for answers. Search engines, however, don’t rank based on how good-looking a website is; they prioritize search engine optimized sites. “Having a website is not enough. SEO means letting people and search engines know that your website exists,” says the company to remind business owners the primary purpose of website optimization. Surveys conducted show that SEO has the greatest growing importance in generating leads (94%)—beating social media, blogs and emails. It was also found that conversion rates in direct proportion to the level of SEO a business is engaged in. With more advanced SEO, conversion rates reach up to 10% as compared to basic, which only yields 2% increase.

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