Thursday, April 30, 2015

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Whether you have a Mexican restaurant or not, you can celebrate Cinco De Mayo by doing some promotions just for that day, and in America we probably celebrate it more than anyone. Any excuse to drink margaritas, right? Of course, but first off we may want to learn a little history to what Cinco De Mayo is all about.

 Well, in 1862, a group of outnumbered Mexicans fought in a battle against the French in Puebla and snatched a very unlikely but hard fought victory. Hence the celebration. 'Cinco' and 'Mayo' mean 'five' and 'May' (the month) respectively in the Spanish language and Cinco de Mayo hence translates into 'the fifth of May'. It is this event that has helped turn the holiday into a source of Mexican pride, especially among Mexican-Americans. This piece of history makes a great theme for marketing campaigns as a story of triumph and rising above the odds.

So what can you do as a restaurant owner to bring your customers in to help celebrate this special day? Start by inviting your customers to a Cinco De Mayo party by putting it out there on your Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc., or even flyers out to the locals. Even if your restaurant doesn’t normally serve Mexican food, you can still create a fun day (or weekend event) that will pack the customers into your place.

     • Have food specials! There are many different kinds of Mexican cuisine that you can make: enchiladas, tacos, burritos, and fajitas. Maybe pick one or two dishes that you can make quickly and easily to tie in with your promotion. Create a mini taco station or nacho station with some fixings like cheese, beans, and ground beef, or hand out complimentary chips and salsa. If you have an outdoor area, consider setting up some food tents that carry different Mexican specialties, and include some drink pairings, too.

     • Drink specials are a must! Add some Mexican beers to your bar for Cinco de Mayo, as well as some specialty margaritas (get creative!) and tequilas for drink specials.

     • Make it a party! Keep guests having a great time at your restaurant longer with live music. Have your servers wear something colorful, and add a few Mexican decorations to your restaurant to enhance the atmosphere. Get creative – have a special drawing to win prizes, do some giveaways, have games – whatever would add to the fun of the night!

Whatever you do just be creative, and most of all have fun with it and enjoy your day of celebration! And lastly, whether it’s a special celebration or just the desire to get the word out about your restaurant, drop the Atlanta SEO professionals at All Web, LLC a note for assistance.

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