Wednesday, April 29, 2015

All Web, LLC Can Create a Video Marketing Campaign for You

So you’re thinking about having a sale, but need a theme and can’t think of one.  Well, Cinco De Mayo is coming up and what a great reason to have one!  But how will you get customers into your business and how will you let them know that you are having a sale on one of the most celebrated days of the year? 

One of the best ways to promote a sale, and most popular, is video marketing.  Video marketing is the use of short videos by Internet marketers, either on their own web sites or distributed via sites such as YouTube, to promote their products and services. Consumers are looking for your products and services, but how are they looking?  Most likely, online search is one of the top ways, and YouTube is the second-largest search engine, meaning videos get ranked high in Google results. Just look at the statistics, 78 percent of your potential customers watch YouTube at least once a week and 55 percent watch every day. That’s a lot of people who may be interested in your Cinco De Mayo sale.  

A video can also show off all of the products and features of your sale in a very easy to consume type of media that can last as short as thirty seconds. Your customers don’t need to read any long articles, cycle through hundreds of photos and advertisements, or worse: have nothing to see at all.  Now you can put your businesses personality into a simple, quick, yet effective video to show the consumer what you have to offer them on one of the biggest party days of the year!

So grab that video camera, some chips and salsa, and don’t forget the margarita, and celebrate the fact that your business is going to shine with video marketing! Or better yet, give the professionals at All Web, LLC a call to help spearhead your video marketing campaign.

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