Thursday, August 20, 2015

Successful SEO Starts with a Good Content Strategy

Major search engines, such as Google, reward sites that use search engine optimization (SEO) strategies properly, specifically by connecting the site content to search queries. Making sure to include branded key terms in website content is critical to how successful your website will be in terms of search engine rankings, which in turn affect how visible the website will be to your target audience.

If your business is based in Atlanta, work your content strategy around what customers within the city seek. For instance, if you own an Atlanta-based record shop, you can optimize a target page with the keyword “best record store Atlanta” as naturally and as grammatically correct as possible.

Your site should also be mobile friendly, not simply because Google penalizes websites that don’t have mobile-friendly versions but because internet traffic is, to a large extent, driven by mobile queries. Someone might search, “record stores” from a smart phone, for instance, and come across results such as “records stores near me”. That consumer might then use location such as city names or counties as a variable to refine the most relevant results.

If you are busy being a business owner, a good SEO consultant who has demonstrated experience in driving successful SEO and content strategy campaigns can provide your business the boost it needs. Generally, a good SEO consultant has advanced knowledge and extensive experience in SEO and could ultimately be the key to higher conversion rates.

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