Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mobile Web Design and Smartphone Searches

According to Google, 94 percent of smartphone users look for information directly from their smartphone even when their desktop or laptop is accessible. Most smartphone users keep their device close within reach at all times and it has become far more convenient to grab your smartphone to look up information rather than have to wait for a laptop or desktop to boot up.
And, of course, people don’t carry laptops in their side pockets. The age of the smartphone has revolutionized how consumers acquire information. The level of availability and accessibility that smartphones offer allow users to get an answer almost as soon as they think of the question.

Display Elements Selection

An Atlanta-based web design agency would be able to make a mobile website for their clients that is simple, with carefully chosen elements and has readily available information that the target user is looking for.


Formatting for mobile display is critical. Mobile display orientation should be built with portrait scaling in order to fit the screen correctly. Remember, the first impression is the most critical.

Responsive and Available

Mobile design should be scaled for quick and easy navigation with a way for the user who searched “Atlanta real estate” to engage in a soft conversion, such as implementing a mobile contact form.

Mobile-friendly websites offer a way to reach out across a vast network that extends far beyond the scope of desktop search. With the right design strategy, your mobile reach will have a high impact that will ultimately drive more conversions home.

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