Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Link Building and You: Leave it to the Pros

One of the factors that can increase your search engine rankings are links leading back to your site. This is because search engines consider links as votes of confidence for your site. However, not all votes in this arena are equal. Here are some reasons why you should leave your link building to the pros:
  • Pros Know Which Ones to Choose. Picking out which links can give you the most bang your buck is a complicated process. The simple explanation would be SEO professionals can choose sites that would be interested in your content on your site. However, some sites are better than others; they hold more authority and are more trusted by visitors. You can only find this out by knowing the traffic data from the site – something which SEO agencies can check.

  • Pros Have a Wider Network. Sending out e-mails to people who can potentially link to your site is hit-or-miss. You'll want to be assured of connecting. SEO firms know of the many venues with links that can raise your rankings (like online directories and indexes). You can also rest assured that these are legitimate.
  • Pros Can Adapt Quickly. One of truths about the Internet is things can change at a moment’s notice. Some changes can affect how trustworthy or how useful a link can be. SEO agencies monitor the traffic you're getting from various sites and can change your links faster than you can.

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