Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Web Design Gives Start-Ups a Shot up the Arm

Start-up businesses are rising in today’s revitalized economy. Some say it takes a good business idea, a few driven people, and a pool of resources to make it all happen. Still, even a startup with origins in, say, a small kitchenette will need a website to better promote its product or service. A good way to give the website a neat and professional look is to have it undergo a makeover by Atlanta web design experts skilled in so-called “responsive” web design.
Responsive What?
Responsive web design is a tenet of web design that is geared toward configuring the website to be viewed on multiple devices and to load fast. Coding technologies such as CSS3 and HTML5 are used to help the website display correctly on the desired device, depending on the unit’s actual resolution. For example, while you originally configure the website to be best viewable on a 1024x768 resolution, the browsing experience might not be optimal when it I viewed on iOS or Android devices.
Any piece of content that goes on a mobile-friendly and responsive website also bears contemplation. Some experts advise highlighting the most important materials you want your customers to see right away. Image views also work in this respect by allowing a full-screen pop-up or zoom on the page.

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