Monday, February 9, 2015

Tips for Good Web Design

Having an interesting and attractive website is important to get your site visitors to linger and check out what you have to offer. As with most things, it begins with visual ease and engagement. Here are a few of the basics to ensure you begin with an appealing website:

·         Work with colors – it is important to choose a color palette that would complement the company’s logo. It should also never overwhelm the text that it makes it hard to read them. With text color, stick to basics and best not to go with bright colors like red or yellow.

·         Avoid clutter and make it simple – sometimes it’s easy to go crazy with lots of visuals and text thinking it would help. The fact is, simple is good. Just use a few images and keep paragraphs short would suffice, as long as you have anything interesting to say.

·         On images – make sure that the images are not of large-file sizes. You want your page and images to load quickly, so make them all manageable.

·         Make the site easily navigable – if it is hard to get around the website, then it also means that it would be hard for visitors find what they are looking for. Important information should be a click away and should be easy to locate.
·         Fonts – pick a font that is easy to read not only on a computer desktop browser but on a mobile browser as well.

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