Monday, October 26, 2015

Is Your Website in Need of Professional Help?

Most business owners realize that a powerful online presence can do wonders for their company, but many are unsure of when it is time to start looking for professional web design and SEO services. Here is a look at three signs that your website might be ready for an overhaul.

You Do Not Have a Consistent Visual Language

It is important that there is a sense of continuity for your company across all platforms. You might be ready for professional web design services if you have come to realize that your digital and real-world marketing no longer looks as if it comes from the same company. This often happens when small businesses use multiple specialists or attempts to market on their own.

Your Clients Are Asking Questions With Obvious Answers

If you have noticed an influx of calls, emails, and messages asking about basic information, it could be a sign that your website is outdated, difficult to navigate through, or riddled with broken links. A quick search should bring up your phone number, email address, links to products, and other basic information on your company.

Your Bounce Rates Are Climbing

No matter how much traffic is pouring into your website, your bounce rates should remain relatively consistent. At least some visitors will always bounce from your site, but if this becomes a growing problem you can be sure that there is a major flaw in your on-site or off-site optimization techniques. 

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