Monday, October 5, 2015

Minimalist Web Design for Maximum Results

It may seem ironic, but simple designs can do a lot in terms of impact. If you want to catch people’s attention, going for minimalist designs for your website can be very helpful. Minimalism can be achieved in website pages in several ways:

The White Space Strategy
White space or negative space is the padding or the gaps between the page visuals (e.g. photos, texts, lines, etc.). In short, it’s the stretch of unused space in a layout that is usually left blank in a white, black, or gray shade (sometimes, it is also painted a different vibrant or pale color).
In minimalism, white space is used liberally. It allows your graphics to breathe and to pop out, so it should not be a mere afterthought or an unintentional part of the design, but a strategically integrated element. The white space has to be measured in such a way that it complements your page elements and makes the page look organized.

The Creation of Color Contrast
Aside from texts and pictures, the color palette can also be utilized to create unique or stunning impressions. The combination of vibrant and pale shades on the pages should be played up smartly.

These strategies should be executed in ways that should end up improving user experience, which is what minimalism in web design is all about. Professional agencies can use minimalist principles to create functional and striking website pages that make it comfortable and enjoyable for users to browse through.

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